Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Final piece...

This is my final piece, which I have created. I wanted to focus on just the front of my garment as it best displays my theme, colour palette, combined fabrics, ideas and techniques and also the shape of the garment to link to the 1920s and Art Deco, which is where the technical elements were involved. The technical elements were that the front of my dress was divided up into different panels with shaped appliques tassels and behind the tassels are pint tucked and pleated panels to represent the art deco aspect and also represent the 1920s, which I think it does. I think the front of this garment is very strong and represents my theme well. The colours combined together with the fabric qualities shows the history and the fashion within my theme - 1920s and I think it all compliments each other well. 

 Final Garment on a mannequin                                          Front art deco panel

Black tassels at the bottom of dress

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