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The flapper girl... 12/1/13

Flappers were known as a new breed of young western women in the 1920s and they wore short skirts, had bobbed hair and listened to jazz music. They were also know and distinguished from normal women through their behaviour. They were seen as brash for wearing excessive make up, drinking, smoking and driving cars along with flaunting and flirting with every man but usually only rich men to use them for their money. They came about in the period of the roaring twenties and the cultural, social and political end of World War I. A flapper is said to mean a young lady who has not yet been promoted to long frocks and the wearing of her hair up. 12/1/13

The flapper’s behaviour was considered too much and very outlandish at the time and redefined women’s roles. Some people have said that the flapper concept as a stage of life particular to young women was imported to England from Germany. Flapper girls were very rebellious and would not be told what to do and how they should live their lives due to the changes in society and women’s roles changing.
The ever evolving image of flappers and flapper girls was of the independent young woman who went to night clubs to listen and dance to jazz music and also known for having a good time. They also dated very freely and danced and dressed very provocatively and smoked cigarettes. The dances that were very popular at the time were the Charleston, the shimmy, the black bottom and the bunny hug. They were known and seen as shocking dances due to the shifts in society and how women were portrayed. 12/1/13

12/01/13 13:00pm
Flapper by Joshua Zeitz 6 Feb 2007

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