Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Final design...

This is my final design, which I have created using my research on the other blog pages, boards, fabric samples and design developments. I wanted to experiment with the shapes and the different elements of the garment as the construction will consist of separate panels. I wanted to be more creative with blending colours together to show the art deco element to my theme and add different attachments to show the 1920s element to my theme as well as looking at the shape of my garment. I am only focusing on making the front of the garment as the main elements will be on the front and I want all the focus to be on the front not the back as the front will represent my research and my developed design work.

Image of final design...

As you can see, this design represents my research and findings and shows my developed designs and my research boards. It also shows that by developing each part of the garment has helped with my final design and being able to understand how to construct it and all the different elements needed.

Samples created to inform final design.

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