Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Claridges is the famous and well known expensive hotel in London. For the rooms in claridges it can cost between £2,000 - £9,000 per night. They have a very high reputation and are always protecting it by hiring the best and most qualified staff and having the best decor as well as up to date technology. It a guest requests new layouts of their rooms and new paintwork as well as certain bathrooms suites they will replace it all just for that particular guest and then restore it back to its original furniture and paint work. They will put the room back to how it was before the guest arrived just in case the next guest doesn't like how the room has been changed as it is all about person tastes and experience. They also have the best chefs to cook for the guests such as Gordon Ramsay. All of the decor and the layout inside is Art Deco and people go in just to see it. This links to my project well and i found the decor beautiful and really stunning for the interior of a hotel.I learnt all this when the programme, Inside claridges was on BBC Two. It was very interesting to see how they look after the hotel and their guests and what they do with the money they charge for each room per night. I also found the Art Deco decor fascinating and it really brought the hotels distinctive character out.

Images of inside Claridges...

The Bathrooms

 The lobby

The bedrooms

The bathrooms 18/1/13

18/1/13 13.45pm

Claridges: Within the Image by Gemma Levine and Maggie Koumi (7 Jun 2004)

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