Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bibis restaurant, Leeds...

Bibis restaurant is in Leeds near the cockpit bar just out of the tunnel. The restaurant decor and layout is Art Deco, which links to my theme well. I noticed it when I was passing on the way home and i found all the interesting decor beautiful. I liked all the interesting shapes and the rich others used, which link to my colour palette - black and gold. I liked how it had all been placed together and it would give me ideas for my design work, research and final piece as well as the photography and the displaying of it.

Images of Bibis restaurant... 18/1/13

I wanted to look at Bibis restaurant as it has interesting shapes and it seems to play around with the layout of them, which links to all of my art deco research and how the placement can make the shapes stand out more and look more interesting. This extra research has helped with my design work and also my sampling for my final piece. It has given me inspiration for different shapes ad ideas for incorporating samples together to create interesting ideas and being more experimental to show both elements of my themes.

18/1/13 13:45pm

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