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Piet Mondrian...

Piet Mondrian was born on the 7th March 1872 and died on the 1st February 1944. He was a famous and wee known Dutch painter. His paintings became very popular with the 1960s fashion as some of his paintings and print works were replicated on the clothing such as dresses and skirts. Most of his paintings consisted of a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the use of the three primary colours. He moved all over the work to gather inspiration for shapes and layouts. He moved to places such as Paris, London and New York.

In 1912, he moved to Paris, where he changed his name from Piet Mondrianne to Piet Mondrian. He studied different paintings and was influenced by many.
He was influenced by Picasso and Braque who created cubism. This appeared almost immediately in Piet’s work. His painting measured a certain representation from trees and different shaping along with the combination of colours and are dominated by the geometric shapes and interlocking planes commonly found in cubism work.

 Mondrian: Basic Art Album by Susanne Deicher 15/1/13

I looked as his work as inspiration due to the shapes and the placement and layout of them as they remind me and link to the work I have been looking at from other artists and designers and also art deco work as it is very structured and consists of a lot of shapes and interesting patterns along with bright and often bold colours that interlock with each other.

 Own images/drawing as a visual response to his work. 15/1/13

15/1/13 18.55pm

Mondrian: Basic Art Album by Susanne Deicher - pictures.

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