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Artists and designers in the 1920s period...

These particular artists and designers where covered in a lecture and as they linked to my theme I thought i would do further research on them to help with my theme and design work.

Jean Dunand...

Jean Dunand was born in 1877 and died in 1942. He was a Swiss lacquer, copper manufacturer sculptor and interior designer. It is said that he is considered the greatest and most famous artist of the Art Deco period and his work is well recognisable and has inspired many to take up the same work and hobbies and create work similar to his by using the same techniques.
At a young age he wanted to study sculpture and he later won several prizes for his work. Quite a few years later he began working with Seizo Sugawara, a Japanese laquerist who had recently immigrated to France, to learned the seemingly lost technique of lacquer.

Jean Dunand: His Life and Works by Felix Marcilhac 18/1/13

Ferdinand Preiss... 
Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss was born on the 13th February 1882 and died in 1943. He was a famous German sculpture and his work has been seen all over the work and has been very inspirational for new and emerging artists and designers.
From the year 1910, he grew to specialize in limited addition Art Deco cabinet sculptures that used only bronze with ivory on plinths of onyx and marble. This was later what the firm he worked for started to do. He designed almost everything for the firm, which helped get his name known as well as his career and work. His workshop was in Berlin, which was housing the stock of samples was later burnt down due to a bomb attack after World War I. This happened shortly after he had died.
His work is greatly valued by modern collectors.

Ferdinand Preiss: Art Deco Sculptor 18/1/13

George Coles...

George Coles was born in 1884 and died 1963. He was a famous and well-known English architect and was an Art Deco designer, which is how he made his name. He was a designer for Art Deco-style cinema theatres between the 1920s and 30s.  He was the architect of the British home stores (BHS).
His art deco design work included the Gaumont State Cinema in Kilburn, several odeons. He was also involved in the design of The People’s Palace in 1936, which became the Queen Mary College, University of London. 18/1/13

Eileen Gray...

Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray was born on the 9th August 1878 and died on the 31st October 1976. She was an Irish furniture designer, architect and a pioneer of the modern movement in architecture and design. She was born into an aristocratic family. Her Farther encouraged her love and interest for art and paintings and to help with her interest and studies he took her on various painting tours on Italy and Switzerland, which encouraged her independent spirit and made her interest become more of a career, which she wanted to pursue.
She became interested in lacquer work and she came across a lacquer repair shop in Soho, London, where she asked the shop owner whether he could show her the fundamentals of lacquer work.

She continued to work on new projects but didn’t carry on with much of her design industry as she forgot all about it.  In 1968, a complimentary magazine article drew attention to her accomplishments, which shows her work is still recognisable and that people are still interested in it. She also inspired other people to create work in the style she did, as it looked very unusual and captivating. Her work was also seen by designers and they often incorporated parts of it and sometimes used it all to showcase their own work against something so unusual. Gray's 'Le Destin' screen was featured in the sale and went for $36,000. Collectors entered the chase, and Yves Saint Laurent's interest completed her image and what she was known for.

Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work by Peter Adam 18/1/13

18/1/13 11.50am

Jean Dunand: His Life and Works by Felix Marcilhac (Sep 1991)
Jean Dunand by Greenberg (26 Nov 1986)

Ferdinand Preiss: Art Deco Sculptor - The Fire and the Flame by Alberto Shayo (22 Feb 2005)

Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work by Peter Adam (15 Jun 2009)
Eileen Gray by Caroline Constant (1 Oct 2007)

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